My girlfriend

The universe paralyzed his time machine on the beach, just when  our lips touched softly. I shivered like a child, and probably would have gone a warm blush on my cheeks. The bright of your cheeks, however, smelled roses, and nothing could be more closed to happiness than that afternoon. Do you want to be my girlfriend? Asked shy, while resting your hands on my chest. You looked at me and smiled tenderly, while the deep green of your eyes was anchoring in my soul. I put my coat on your shoulders as to protect from that drizzle that unexpectadly began to fall. You let me hold you and we walked away over the golden carpet near the sea.

I use to write your name in the sand nearly every afternoon while watching the sunset and the waves break, I leave my imagination fly, creating in my mind that perfect moment when I asked you:  Do you want to be girlfriend?



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